Thursday, March 04, 2010

April Fool video

April Fool video!
On April 1, 2008 [April Fool's Day], I planned a surprise video for you. MsTioga and I were Camped along the Yaxchilan River that is the border between Guatemala and Mexico. What was supposed to happen in this video, is that you would be looking at the peaceful scene of the Yaxchilan River, pleasantly flowing along. Then, I would jump out of the water screaming, "Surprise! April Fool!!"

It would be a surprise because the video would be edited so that you would not see me actually walking into the river, just surprisingly jumping out of the water. However, when I went to practice this stunt, I found that the river's current was too strong. I could not stand up without falling down and the current carried me downstream.

I found this video yesterday while looking for the video, "A Tour of MsTioga".

PS: Do you hear Little Baby Boid tweeting near the end of the video? Boid was outside near Little Mavicito while the video was being recorded.

8AM - Lupita's Bakery video
Yesterday we promised to return this morning to you to tell of the special day that we spent at Lupita's Bakery. Little Mavicita, Mr. HP and Jorge worked together this morning to create, publish and share with you our video of Lupita's Bakery!

The bakery is located in the north bay of the seaside village of Maruatta. Here in this gorgeous place, Lupita bakes for a living making things to eat with love and caring!

12 Noon - Our new Maruata Camp #2
When we arrived at Maruata on Sunday, February 28th, we made our Camp at the east end of the bay in front of the Naval station. We are now calling this first Camp, Maruata Camp #1. Yesterday we moved from Camp #1 to Camp #2. This new Camp is in front of an inlet, or tiny bay.

From MsTioga's roof, we are able to look thru an opening in the jungle to where we were staying at Maruata Camp #1.

The next pic below, is a panorama view of our present Maruata Camp #2. We are close to the small inlet. You may be able to see Lupita's Bakery in this pano pic. Lupita's has the pink painted wall.
View of our Maruata Camp #1 from our Camp #2.

Do you see Lupita's Bakery at our Maruata Camp #2?