Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Backups onboard MsTioga
Ever since we began RVing we have been accumulating backup stuff. If we wonder about something breaking, often we buy a backup just in case. Once when wandering around an RV parts store we wondered about a water pump for our plumbing system. We bought a backup that day. About a year later our original water pump had a seal let go and was leaking [link].

Recently we became suspicious of our electric power supply. This electric power comes from a 1000 watt Zantrex inverter. This is a modified sine-wave device. So, we changed out this inverter with a backup inverter onboard. However, that backup did NOT work! Straight out of the box, it did not function. We are going to replace our present Zantrex inverter with a true sine-wave inverter. When we find one, we will buy two, one for a backup.

12 Noon - Shopping!
Soon we will be flying to America! On March 24th at 7am, Mr. HP, Little Mavicita and I will be winging our way to California for a whole month! While in California, we will be visiting with sons David and Joseph. Going to lunch with Mr. Dick at my favorite Chinese buffet, the Lok Tao Restaurant at Concord's Park 'n Shop. I'll likely go to Lok Tao several times!

Of course my favorite thing to do in America is shopping! America is great for shopping. I get to use Son David's wonderful Acura SUV during the week while David is working. That is my time to shop! Fry's Electronics is my favorite browsing store. So is Home Depot. Best Buy. Safeway. Anywhere I go, browsing is fantastic!

Here are somethings on my list that I want to bring back to Mexico from America:
  • Pajamas
  • Alligator clips
  • New XM radio with a replay buffer and big roof mount antenna
  • Slippers
  • WiFi antenna (the Hawking is good, but we want something better)
  • Inverter- true sine wave
I'm sure there will be more stuff than this flying back with us to Mexico.

4PM - Palm wood
Here in Manzanillo, MsTioga fills up her fresh water tank at a big Pemex gas station that caters to big rigs. When we drive over to that Pemex, we pass a guy who makes a living selling palm wood. This guy's wood stand, is located along the highway and consists of a rope that is strung along two trees. The palm wood leans against these ropes, standing tall beckoning drivers passing by.

The wood looks beautiful, a warm brown color. So Little Mavicita decided to stop and take a peek. We had never heard of palm wood before.

The guy told us that this wood comes from ordinary palm trees that grow all over the place in Mexico.

Isn't it beautiful?