Monday, March 01, 2010

Blog improvements

Blog improvements
This morning we made some improvements to our blog that we believe you will like. Our "Labels" and "Calendar" search routines have been moved from our blog page to a brand new page named "Archives". There is a link to our new "Archives" page in our blog's footer. Also, the footer is now also found just below our header pic.

We have added a Google Custom Search routine which is really neat. For example, if you enter the search term "money", the Custom Search looks at all of our website to find where "money" is found. It even searches in our Tioga-George Forum and all of our MsTioga Magazine pages!

Please go ahead right now and give it a try! Look just below our header pic and click on the "Archives" link.

3PM - Meeting Reader Friends!
One of wonderful things about publishing our blog is being recognized by Reader Friends!

Little Mavicita and I grabbed our giant Sun umbrella and took off walking down the beach. We wanted to explore the most westerly area of the bay where we have seen a bunch of beach side ramadas. We passed a couple of guys fishing in the surf, then doubled back thru the center of the Village of Maruata.

We were surprised to find a paved road extending east thru El Centro. We came to a restaurant and camping place and decided to have lunch. After ordering lunch of fried fillet of red snapper, we walked over to say hello to the gringos camping here. These were the guys we saw fishing in the surf.

One of these gringos was Reader Ken, who recognized me with a big smile! Ken's wife Kris recognized me too, and gave me a big hug!

What a neat thing to happen! Made my day.
Ken, Kris, doggie Duffie

Main Street Maruata

5PM - Shade of a ramada
There is a ramada only a few feet from MsTioga's Camp. A ramada is four poled, rectangular and palm covered. Different from a palapa which is round with one pole.

Little Mavicita and I decided to go sit in the shade of the ramada and watch the sea birds fishing for their supper.
Watching birds in the shade of the ramada