Monday, March 22, 2010

Booked hotel

Booked a hotel room
I really like Cheap Tickets! The Cheap Tickets website is the only one that really does an excellent job for me. They have their act together. Everything works. I've tried other booking websites and they did not measure up.

I just booked a hotel room in Puerto Vallarta using Cheap Tickets. I'll be staying at the Flamingo Vallarta Hotel on Tuesday, March 23rd, the day before my flight to California. That flight takes off at 7am on Wednesday. I want to arrive at the airport at 6am. The Flamingo Hotel is only a few blocks from the airport.

10AM - Watering Mr. Sunny's battery bank
Because of the California trip and being gone for a month, Mr. Sunny asked that his battery bank be watered. Normal maintenance is once each month. The batteries were maintained only a couple weeks ago. After taking off the desk panel covering the batteries, we were shocked to see that some batteries had moved and were now sitting on the edge of their battery trays! I must have driven MsTioga too fast over a speed bump.

Remember when these batteries were blocked in so that they would not move? Well, they do not move front to back anymore. But up and down they still move.

The maintenance schedule has been changed for the battery bank from once a month to once every 15 days!

11AM - Living out of a suitcase!
You may recall our decision to live out of a suitcase before the upcoming airplane trip. We are doing this to make sure that nothing needed is left behind. Actually, there are three pieces of baggage.
  1. Rolling flight bag
  2. Computer bag
  3. Belly pack
A list of stuff loaded into the bags proved inadequate. Which bag was it in? I certainly didn't remember. So, the list was changed to what was in each bag. Sort of an index. I love this index-list. Nothing gets lost!

4PM - MsTioga and George in an RV park!
The pic below is something that I bet you have not seen much. Tioga and George in an RV park! Man-O-Man! Will wonders ever cease?

La Peñita RV Resort is a lovely place (as RV campgrounds go). The campground is set in a forest of trees next to the coast. Very nice!
Tioga & Jorge at La Peñita

Pano view of La Peñita RV Resort
Do you see MsTioga on the far right?

7PM - Cookie report
I am happy to report to you that since posting a couple of days ago about my cookie crunch addiction, I've not eaten one cookie!

You may recall in that post I wrote that the doctor being interviewed explained about overeating. The doctor said, "If we could voluntarily remember that pleasure of eating, we could experience that pleasure without eating the cookie". Maybe this works!