Thursday, March 25, 2010

California Cold

California is cold!
California is a whole lot colder than where MsTioga and I live in Mexico. Yesterday on landing at Oakland Airport, the first thing done was to change from short pants and T-shirt to long pants [Levis] and flannel long sleeved shirt. Right now it is 6am. I'm in Son Dave's kitchen typing this post to you. I have a woolen cap on my head.

How long does it take to get used to this climate?

Living in Dave' Home
As you may know if you ever read my son Dave's blog, there are two foster kids living here. 11 year old Hector and his brother, 6-year old Kyle. Dave parents these kids himself. No wife to help. That's not easy.

This morning at around 5am, Kyle began to cough. Soon Dave was up giving some stuff that would slow the nasal drip bothering Kyle. I heard the sound of their voices and got up too.

Right now it is 6:30am, and it is quiet in Dave's Home. The meds helped Kyle sleep. But soon all will be up to begin their day. And I will be with them.

After breakfast, Dave drives the kids to their school. Then he commutes to work on BART [Bay Area Rapid Transit]. I get to use Dave's car during the day.

Joined a gym!
I've taken the opportunity while visiting here in California, to join a gym. I feel the need to exercise. Hmmmm? The gym is "Big C Athletic Club". My plan is to exercise with light weights, high reps. Also, tread mill.

Cost me $75 bucks for one month.
Jorge at Big-C