Friday, March 26, 2010

Camping World

Camping World
This morning after working out at Big-C Athletic Club, we are going to take a run up to the Camping World store in Vacaville, California. On the shopping list for Camping World is a backup fresh water pump. Also, we need more outside baggage door latches for MsTioga. The plastic latches that match MsTioga's paint rust out often and need replacement.

After finding these two things, we love to browse around an RV parts store!

Archives of Maps by the year
Have you checked out our Archives lately? We have been working on our "Maps by the year" archive. Right now we're on the map for "Tioga-George 2007 Journey".

When you look at these maps, you'll be able to see where we went for that year! There are 12 markers on each map. One for the first day of each month. Clicking on a marker brings up a flag containing a link which takes you to our blog page for the first day of that month. Once on that first-day-of-the-month page, you may go thru that month by clicking on our "Tomorrow" link.

Pretty neat, huh?

PS: You may find the link to our Archives page at the top or bottom of every Tioga-George blog page.

9AM - At Big C!
Little Mavicita, Mr. HP and Jorge are at the Big C Athletic Club. The Club has a WiFi access point and nice tables for Mr. HP in their restaurant. After working out for awhile in the gym, we used the WiFi to go online.

If we lived fulltime here in Concord. we would come to Big C everyday!
Jorge and Mr. HP at Big-C

11:30AM - Camping World closed!
We arrived at Camping World in Cordelia to find the store closed! A passerby told that the store moved to Vacaville, about 15 miles east.

This closed Camping World was the site of MsTioga's very first dump. We went to this Camping World in early April, 2003 to buy supplies and to use the dump station. After buying hose to attach to our dump tanks, we proceeded to use the dump station.

Neither George or Tioga knew anything about dumping. We both were complete novices in the RV World! When we hooked up the newly bought hose and opened the black water tank, the hose let-go of its elbow. The effluent gushed out of the now free hose. The brown yuck spreading at a rapid speed across the parking lot. A customer in front of his RV scurried to get out of harm's way!

George worked for about a 1/2 hour using the dump station water hose, to clean up the mess.
Location of 2003 dump station disaster

Cookie Report
I ate four cookies today! I couldn't resist the first one. David, the two kids and I went to the Safeway store to shop. In the bakery the store always has chocolate chip cookies for samples. Lord! I ate one. Later in the day I ate three more chocolate chip cookies.