Sunday, March 28, 2010


Europe still on radar screen!
Since the thought of MsTioga going to Europe first popped into the TiogaRV Team's collective brains, we have been hot and cold to this trip. Now our thinking is, that next year would be a good time for a trip to Europe. We would feel more comfortable with a bit more money in reserves. And going on this journey in 2011 would give time to save this money.

However, as you may have read a few weeks ago in our 2010 Trip Plan, we are going on another trip to Jerusalem in May, 2010. This trip will be for two months.

9AM - David and kids off to play tennis
David has a tennis match today at his Valley Vista Tennis Club in Walnut Creek, California. The kids, Pedro, Hector and Kyle went with him. After tennis, they plan to swim in the Club's swimming pool. David and the kids will not return home before 4pm.

I chose to stay home and enjoy the tranquility of David's home. Right now on the TV is movie titled, "Moses". It is the story of what happened around the time that Moses received the Ten Commandments from God.

What better time to watch this movie, than right before Passover?