Thursday, March 11, 2010


9AM - Fascinated by small things!\
MsTioga just got washed with our new Flyboy Chip method. Blue Coral Wash & Wax Concentrate brushed on to remove dirt and apply the wax. Followed by rinsing with our hose with a nozzle on the end. Works great!

My Grandmother [Mom's Mom] used to tell me when I was a kid that I was fascinated by small things. She was right. She really knew me. I am the same now. Small things, small improvements give me so much pleasure.

I love to see MsTioga all washed and shiny bright. And we did it all in about one hour.

10AM - Spain! Are you kidding?
While eating breakfast this morning I was browsing the web using Mr. HP. An ad appeared on a website for travel to Europe, and I clicked on it. The services offered included shipping vehicles to foreign countries!

So, the online application was completed to learn the cost of shipping MsTioga to Spain!

Would MsTioga and The Team ever go to Spain? We do not know for sure. But one thing we do know for sure from living our vagabonding life. Anything is possible! Even touring Spain and Europe in MsTioga.

12 Noon - Who is Mr. Breeze?
For the first few years of MsTioga's journey, we used a vacuum cleaner for doing the carpets. Then one day in Mexico, we bought a broom. Since then, Mr. Breeze has been mostly sleeping in the closet underneath Mr. Dometic.

However, with our recent solar electric system overhaul, we now have power up the ying-yang! So, Mr. Breeze has come out of the closet [so to speak]. A vacuum is great for getting at the nooks and crannies, wherever they may be!

Who is Mr. Breeze, you are wondering? [link]
Mr. Breeze on-the-job!