Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flight plan

Flight plan
This morning we will finish packing our flight bags. All the food inside Mr. Dometic will be given away. Mr. Dometic will be turned off, his door left ajar. MsTioga will be given a wash. Around noon MsTioga will move to her parking place here in La Peñita RV Resort. There she will remain for one whole month, waiting patiently for us to return from California.

The RV campground office will then call us a cab. The three travelers, Mr. HP, Little Mavicita and Jorge will ride in the cab to the Flamingo Vallarta Hotel in Puerto Vallarta.

At 6am tomorrow, we will take a cab to the airport for our 7am flight. It seems like a miracle that at 11:53am, only a few hours later, the three of us will step off the airplane in Oakland, California! Wow!

Taking a jacket!
I've not worn a jacket here in Mexico for a long time. For me in Mexico, it is almost always T-shirt and short pants weather. However, I am taking a jacket for my stay in Concord, California where often it is cold at nite.

Click for Concord, California Forecast
Concord, California

2PM - Flamingo Vallarta Hotel
The taxi ride from the La Peñita RV Resort to Flamingo Vallarta Hotel took about an hour. But the time went fast because the taxi guy and I love to chat!

The hotel is an older place. The entrance is not easy to find. It looks as though the Flamingo Vallarta Hotel has seen better times. Perhaps this hotel did not keep up with the huge new hotels here in Puerto Vallarta ie; Hyatt, Holiday Inn.

There are a lot of big fancy boats docked in the Marina near the hotel. Where are all those rich people coming from who dock here?
View of swimming pool from our room

11PM - Cookie report
Still no cookies! 4th day no cookies. No snacks. Just thinking about cookie crunch has been enough so far! How long can this keep going on?