Monday, March 29, 2010


A good friend!
One of the main reasons that I shall travel to Jerusalem in a few months, is because of a good friend who lives there. His name is Shimon Zevi. To find a good friend and spend time with him is a gift from God. I will not waste this gift.

I met Shimon during my 2008 trip to Israel. It was clear that we had things in common from the start. We both enjoy each others company. Even electronic company! During the past two years, we get together thru email. And also by blogging. We read each others blog!

Shimon publishes a blog that he calls, "The Human Picture-thoughts about what matters to this old man" [link].

12 Noon - Lunch with Mr. Dick
Last week a date was made with my friend Mr. Dick to meet today for lunch at the Lok Tao restaurant. Lok Tao is my favorite Chinese restaurant in Contra Costa County. It is a buffet style place. And their food is soooo good!

I've not dined at Lok Tao since March, 2009. That time was also with my friend Mr. Dick.