Monday, March 08, 2010

Heading north

9AM - Heading north!
MsTioga and The Team pulled out of our Beach Camp in Maruata at 7am and headed north. We have 18 days until we have to be in Puerto Vallarta for the flight to California. So, this part of our journey should be mighty tranquil.

We have made a Breakfast Camp in the little Pueblo of El Manguito. MsTioga is parked next to the plaza in the center of this town. In the pic below you see breakfast. A bowl of peach yogurt with a cut up pear and a piece of cake sold to us by Lupita in Maruata.
Breakfast in El Manguito

12 Noon - My favorite blog!
I have to admit that the Tioga-George Adventure is my favorite blog! Makes me chuckle to admit this to you!

This morning I was reading [this] blog post about my traffic accident in the City of Zihuatanejo in February, 2008. Traffic accidents are most often not a fun thing. But this traffic accident was a great time for me!

3PM - San Juan de Alima
We may be staying the nite in the parking lot of a hotel in San Juan de Alima. As you may see in the pic below, MsTioga is next to the beach.

The hotel manager has not returned from lunch, so we do not know if we will be able to arrange to stay here or not. I would like to though, because the hotel has a little swimming pool. It has been humid lately, and the hotel's pool would bring relief.
Camp at San Miguel de Alima