Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Learning Spanish

Wow! It is taking a long time to learn Spanish!
It was 1953 when I began studying Spanish in high school. Wow! That was 57 years ago. A long time ago! I am still learning.

You may remember a couple of days ago, MsTioga made a Camp in a hotel parking lot. There was a little swimming pool at the hotel, and I took a dip to cool off. Five girl kids were playing a game in this pool. Four would turn around with heads down on their arms so that they would not see. The fifth kid would throw stones into the pool. Then the four kids would turn around, dive into the water to find these stones. The kid who found the most stones won.

All the while these girls would be chattering, and of course I was listening to their Spanish. Any chance to learn. I heard the stone thrower say, "Faltan piedras dos" [Missing stones two]. Of course when we say this phrase in English, it is "Two stones missing".

That's how Spanish is for us English speaking persons. The order of words is different. For example when I hear the words, "Casa blanca" [House white], I think of the movie starring Humphrey Bogart. To people in Mexico, Casa blanca means where our president lives. The White House.

57 years and I just learned how to say "Missing two stones" in Spanish!

Note: Readers Diugo and Che have informed that "Faltan piedra dos" is not correct and should be "Faltan dos piedras". So, I knew it all the time!

7AM - Changing solar panel wiring
For some months, the thought of replacing the solar panel wiring has crossed my mind. The maximum amperage received by the batteries has been around 19 amps. Much too low for (6) 75 watt panels that are rated to produce 4.2 amps each. It seems to me that years ago, the panels produced more than only 19 amps!

Yesterday two lengths of #8 AWG wire were purchased from the electric supplies store around the corner. One red and one black wire. Before this change-out, #10 wire connected the panels to each other, then #8 wire brought the power from the panels to the battery charge controller.

Now, #8 AWG cable goes all the way from the first solar panel to the battery charge controller.

9AM - Wow, it's hot up there!
As you may see in the pic below, the panels had to be propped up to get access to the junction boxes underneath. I have worked steadily for about two hours, and the job is now about 3/4 complete. It was hot up on MsTioga's roof, so the giant umbrella was used to create some shade.

Are you perhaps in your 60s? Even younger? Relish your youth! While my strength waned, I was thinking about the Robert Herrick poem which has this line [link]:
But be not coy, but use your time;
And while ye may, go marry:
For having once but lost your prime,
You may forever tarry.

Changing out solar panel wiring

10AM - Getting more juice!
The panel wiring job is done. The little TriMetric 2020 electric meter shows current of up to 24 amps. Wow! What an improvement. There are clouds in the sky, so it is not for sure that this massive improvement is due to the new and larger wire size.

The additional amps could be due perhaps to the "edge of clouds" effect which boosts Sun power.