Friday, March 19, 2010

Leaving Manzanillo

Leaving Manzanillo!
We are leaving Manzanillo! It is time for MsTioga to meander north in order to arrive in Puerto Vallarta for our March 24th flight to California. MsTioga has made plans to park at La PeƱita RV Resort while we are gone [link].

Manzanillo is a great town. Many retired Americanos think so too! We see these retirees shopping, walking around, eating in restaurants. There are so many places to make dry camps here. We definitely will return to Manzanillo. In fact, we have to come back here after our California trip to pickup something. Yesterday, Jorge bought new prescription glasses at the Devlyn Opticos store [link].

11:30AM - Melaque
We have traveled 32 miles and arrived at the seaside Pueblo of Melaque. MsTioga knew exactly where to go, and made a bee-line for the Camp we made here while traveling south.

MsTioga said, "I like exploring, but it is also really great to know a place. And where to make my Camps!"

It was a little over one month ago that we first made a Camp in Melaque. Wow! We sure had a great time since then camping in little Maruata and the City of Manzanillo!
Tioga and Jorge in Melaque

7PM - Wanna see supper?
Supper tonite is the works