Sunday, March 21, 2010

Left turn lanes

Left-turn-lanes in Mexico
Yesterday when we were driving to our present Nite Camp at Punta Perula, we came to a turn-off and the road sign had an arrow pointing east! Our GPS showed the road we wanted went west! What's going on here?

MsTioga pulled over ahead of this turn-off, and I consulted with maps trying to figure out how Punta Perula could be reached by going east?! While I was looking at the maps, a car passed and used this turn-off. I watched as this car followed the turn-off road making a big "U" which ended with the car heading west. I said to myself, "Oh, Lord, this is one of those left turn lanes located in the right lane!"

Lots of times here in Mexico, when you want to turn left you find that the left-turn lane is on the right side of the highway. I like it like this, because when MsTioga wants to make a U-turn, she has a lot more room to complete that turn beginning from the right side of the highway.

A few times here in Mexico, we came to a similar turn-off where the road went in the opposite direction for a 1/4 mile or more before making a U-turn to go in the correct direction! You just got to have faith in situations like this that the road builder knew where to go.

The pic below shows what you see on approaching the Punta Perula turnoff. The sign and turnoff appear to go to the right. However, in reality you go left, halting at a stop sign before crossing the highway. Punta Perula is about two miles to the left.
Go right then go left

Spain vs Peru
Doing research about traveling in other countries is surprising. For example, Readers have written about the relative expense of a trip to Spain vs Peru.

Using CraigsList, we found rooms in Barcelona, Spain for $100US/day. In Miraflores, Peru, this room would be $500US/month or $17US/day!

11AM - Heading north again
We are leaving Pueblo Perula and heading north. We might get all the way to Puerto Vallarta today? Have to see about that!

A little while ago, we had a very nice visit with Readers Eva & Bastian who love Perula, and have been living here for a few months. I am easily able to understand why Eva and Bastian love this quiet seaside fishing town. A very gorgeous and tranquil place!

4PM - Nite Camped in Puerto Vallarta
MsTioga drove 90 miles today! We have made our Nite Camp in the middle of the Hotel district. Really, we did! Click on one of the Google Map links below and take a peek at our Nite Camp location.

The beach is a couple hundred yards behind MsTioga. As you may see in the pic below, our view is of the river that flows to the ocean.

TiogaRV Team in Puerto Vallarta

11PM - Moved Camp
Often here in Mexico, people have car parties. Most often with music. A party started behind MsTioga. We decided to move because of the music. No problem for MsTioga to move. Only takes a few minutes to break camp and head out.

We moved to a place we made Nite Camp before here in Puerto Vallarta about a mile away.