Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Losing readers

Jerusalem will cost you readers!
Yesterday at lunch, my friend Mr. Dick cautioned that going to Jerusalem will cost me. You'll lose readers, Dick warned, and possibly the income on which you depend.

Mr. Dick is correct, if my last experience in Jerusalem is an indicator. Take a peek at the graph below showing visitors from May 2008 to May 2009. I arrived in Jerusalem in early May 2008. By the following June, readers flew away like crazy! Lost 30,000 readers in two months! Wow!

Still, I am going to Jerusalem. I have faith that things will work out fine!
Visitors plummet during trip to Jerusalem

9AM - Big-C
Every weekday morning while here in Concord, California, I've been going to Big-C Athletic Club to exercise. However, I don't just exercise here! Doing computer stuff is on my agenda too. In Big-C's restaurant, there is WiFi access. Also, just before leaving Big-C, I shower in their sumptuous locker room.

My exercise routine consists of warming up for about 30 minutes using one of their bicycle machines. I like the heartbeat/minute program and select 100 beats per minute. Then to the weight room where I do a variety of exercises using dumb bell weights and machines.

Doing chores in California
Returning to California from Mexico every six months is an ideal routine for me. I get to read all my mail accumulated at son Dave's home since my last visit. During this visit I've got an appointment tomorrow, March 31, with my tax guy to prepare my 2009 tax return.

All of my income and expenses are recorded using Quicken 2001. The only thing that I have to do is print out a couple of reports, deliver my 1099s, and my tax guy does the rest. I don't feel comfortable doing my own tax stuff.