Thursday, March 18, 2010

Love maps

6AM - Love to make maps
Mr. HP and I have been working on our "Tioga-George 2005 Map". We love to make maps. However my memory is somewhat of a stumbling block! Each time that I go to make a new map, I stumble thru trying to remember how I did it before. Does not matter though, because making these maps is so much fun! Would be a bit more fun, I have to admit, if I was blessed with an excellent memory.

Have you looked at our maps yet? Our maps are located in the Archives. [There is an Archives link on the top and bottom of this blog.]

We are in the process of making a Google Map for each year of our journey. Each annual map starts off on January 1st of that year. Then, a new location is added to the map for the first day of each month.

When an annual map is finished, you will see a graphic view of our entire journey for that year! Clicking on one of the colored dots of the map brings up a flag containing a [Blog Link]. Clicking on that link takes you to the Adventure for that date! Pretty neat, huh?

9AM - Pushing the limits
You may remember our wondering about shipping MsTioga to Spain. A proposal came in from the Schumacher shipping company quoting in the $5,000 range to go from Galveston, Texas to Spain.

You may be thinking now, that Old Jorge has wigged out. Just thinking about such an adventure is just too much! Yes, this would be pushing the limits. MsTioga could not simply be shipped off to Spain to have us would wander about Europe searching for adventure as we have done for the past seven years in America and Mexico.

First we would have to fly over there in order to get the lay-of-the-land. Find out what the streets look like. Learn about the camping on-the-street challenges. There is a ton of information to be gathered!

Living and traveling inside MsTioga anywhere in this World is the difference between a miracle adventure and a foreign trip. With that in mind, we press on.

6PM Is it spring?
MsTioga does not know what has come over The Team! We are cleaning everything! Mr. Dometic cleaned his shelves. Mr. HP cleaned his keyboard. And Jorge has been cleaning MsTioga's cabinets. Even the outside slide-out cabinets!

We have tossed a ton of stuff that has not been used for ages. The over-stuffed cabover cabinet moved some of its stuff to the little outside slide-out drawer. First we had to clean and lube the slider hardware.

MsTioga asked, "Is this what spring cleaning looks like?"
Jorge cleaning the slide-out hardware