Monday, March 15, 2010

Map crazy

8AM - Map crazy!
MsTioga and I have known for years that something was missing in our website. We did not know how to share with you where we have traveled. However, now we can do it. With Google Maps. And it is coming out better than we could have ever expected!

This morning we completed the map of our 2003 travels and began 2004. It was exciting to make these maps because in a way, we were reliving those thrilling days of yesteryear! Would you like to take a peek at our maps? Hmmmmmm?

Just click on the Archives link at the top or bottom of this blog page!

11AM - Spain again?
Remember a few days ago we posted that we had requested a quote for shipping MsTioga to Spain [link]? Well, this morning an email came in from Schumacher Cargo [link].

This email asked for additional info about MsTioga. Dimensions, weight, manufacturer and model, etc. So, we replied providing the requested info.

When we requested this transportation quote for shipping MsTioga to Spain, we were not seriously considering such a thing. It was a bit of a lark. No way could we afford such an adventure. But now? Hmmmm?

Remember in 2008 I went on a trip to Israel? Of course MsTioga was left behind in Mexico. During my first weeks in Jerusalem, it became clear to me how important MsTioga had become! Jerusalem is wonderful. I loved Jerusalem. But without MsTioga? If I would have had MsTioga along with me while in Israel, it would have been a fabulous, fantastic and even out-of-our-minds trip.

Maybe Spain is still on the radar screen?

4PM - Mr. Datastorm is sad!
Our poor Mr. Datastorm is having troubles! He is soooooo sad! Mr. Datastorm's 7000s modem keeps messing up. When the mess up occurs, we have to rescue the modem using a tiny rescue button. Unfortunately, these mess ups and rescues have been happening frequently lately.

We have a backup 7000s modem. However, that backup modem will not go thru the HughesNet registration process. Now you know why Mr. Datastorm is sooooo sad. And Jorge is a bit out-of-sorts too!