Sunday, March 14, 2010


Where did MsTioga go?
MsTioga and I were thinking this morning about making an annual map for you to see where we traveled during each year of our journey. This map would be located in our new "Archives" page. How would we learn to make this map?

Fortunately, we are members of the "Geeks On Tour" club. Our friends Chris and Jim Guld have published a video tutorial which shows exactly how to make just the map we want! So, very soon we will be adding these maps to our Archives page for you to use!

Are you a member of the "Geeks on Tour" club? MsTioga recommends that you take a peek and click [here].

12 Noon - Our first map!
Wow! We really love to do website stuff. So much fun!

Our first map is available in the Archives page. This is a map of MsTioga's journey in 2003, our first year on-the-road. A "blue dot" locates where we were at the beginning of each month. Clicking on that blue dot brings up a link to take you to the Tioga-George Blog page for that location/date.

2PM - Interview from prison
This afternoon, a program on XM-Radio's Channel 136 PRX Public Radio played interviews with prison inmates. Dozens of prisoners were asked to tell what they would do when they would be released? I was struck hearing the answers. Most could not relate what they would do! They groped to reply.

I am a lucky guy because I used to be like these prisoners. I too did not know what I wanted to do. But I got lucky. In 1993 I decided to follow Benjamin Franklin's decision to write down his values and goals. I did not know then that this writing would form a foundation for what would become my new life.

A few years back, I published my values in order to share them with you [link].
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