Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Mars has moved

6AM - Mars has moved!
We are out looking up at the last of the nite sky. A large planet is low in the south, just above the horizon. Bringing out the binoculars shows this planet to be red in color. Mars!

Time to consult our star charts. Mars is found in the Zodiac of Cancer. High in the sky. Our star is low in the southern sky. Have we discovered a new giant planet?

Rushing out with Little Mavicita and TriPod, we set up to take a pic of our discovery. It is brighter now, and we see that our planet is a mast lite on a sailing ship! This ship must have anchored last nite.
Our new neighbor

2PM - Nice ocean breeze
This Maruata Camp is about the most tranquil place Tioga and I have been. All that is going on around here today, is the nice ocean breeze. This breeze is keeping it so pleasant inside MsTioga!

This morning was washing time using Flyboy Chip's washing method with a water hose for rinsing. A lot of Tioga's water was used, so we have to look around for a place to fill up.

This means moving MsTioga into the Village of Maruata to find that water. We love this kind of stuff. Simple things give us pleasure!

5PM - Water pond
The water supply for the Village of Maruata comes from the mountains. Just before the water reaches the village, it goes underground and surfaces as a pond in El Centro of Maruata.

The water in this pond is green from algae. There are flowering plants growing on the surface of this pond. We are using this water only for the bathroom, showers and cleaning. So, this water should be OK for us.

Using a 5 liter bucket, the water was hauled a short distance in order to fill Tioga's fresh water tank. I put 1/2 cup of bleach in the tank to get rid growing stuff.