Friday, March 05, 2010

Maruata tourist business dead

7AM - Maruata tourist business dead!
If you looked carefully at yesterday's pic titled, "Do you see Lupita's Bakery....", you may have noticed that there are no sign of tourists here! Locals talk about how bad is the tourist business in the Village of Maruata.

However, for us on the TiogaRV Team, we love that tourists are absent. Our daily walks along three adjacent bays is soooooo tranquil. If you look at the pic below, you may see the arrows locating our Camps at Maruata. The arrow at the right is Camp #1 where we stayed from Sunday to Wednesday. The left arrow is Camp #2 where we moved Wednesday afternoon.

Walking the three bays is so great! There are holes in the huge shoreline rocks which are bored by relentless waves. Water shoots out thru these holes with tremendous force. The color of the water goes from white foam to turquoise to deep blue. The different character of the three bays is fascinating. I can sit and watch it for hours!

Our Maruata Camps

8:30AM - And now a word from our sponsor
You may be familiar with our MsTioga Magazine [link]. This morning we greatly revised one of our MsTioga Magazine stories. This revised story is the one titled, Battery Charge Controllers.

Dinner at Sherry and Warren's home
Mr Traveldecal reminded in a ShoutBox post that I did not tell you about dinner at Sherry and Warren's home on Wednesday evening. Wow! Another senior moment!

Sherry and Warren live in a small bus conversion a very short distance behind my present Camp. Dinner was great! Sherry fixed up a white Madrigal fish that Warren had caught that afternoon with a spear gun! Would you believe?

The fish was soooooo good, with lots of garlic [I love garlic]. We ate outdoors in the nice small yard that Sherry and Warren have fixed up. Since that dinner, I have spent a lot of time with them talking about a zillion things.

These two have unusual lives. Sherry spends about an hour daily exercising out in the small bay near our Camp. Warren goes out each day for a fishing swim. No boat! Just a wet suit, swim fins, mask and spear gun.
Dinner at Sherry and Warren's

Warren fishing

7:30PM - Sergeant York movie
This evening the plan is to go to Sherry and Warren's Camp and watch the movie "Sergeant York" on my Mr. HP computer! "Sergeant York" the movie is an account of Alvin York, the highest decorated American soldier in World War I. Gary Cooper plays York, and won an Academy Award for his 1941 performance.

Other Campers are invited to watch the movie too. We will view the movie outside in front of Sherry and Warren's RV. I am bringing my sound booster system so that we will all be able to hear the movie's sound!