Saturday, March 20, 2010

Middle Nite Maintenance

3AM - Maintenance
You would likely be surprised to have found me underneath MsTioga at 3am wrapping a loom of wires with electrical tape. But there was a reason!

About an hour before, I got up from bed to use the bathroom. My thoughts went to breaking out my flight bag and loading it up. I like to live out of my flight bag for a few days before traveling to make sure that nothing needed gets left behind. Well, that got me excited about the trip. It seems at 72 years of age, that I would not get excited by stuff like this anymore. But I do! Hmmmm?

So, since I wasn't sleepy anymore, I turned on Mr. HP computer and noticed that checking MsTioga's exterior lights was on the maintenance schedule. I like to do this light checking at nite because it is easier to see if the clearance lights are working. While doing this checking, a wire loom was noticed hanging down below MsTioga's rear end. A screw for an insulated clamp had come loose. While securing the clamp, I noticed that the electrical tape wrap for the loom was badly aged and loose.

So, that's how I came to be underneath MsTioga at 3am! BTW, I would not be doing this stuff if I did not love to fix things.

1PM - Punta Perula
Please take a peak at the pic below. Would you agree that MsTioga and The Team are camping in stylish places during this trip north? Hmmmm?

It is only 53 miles from yesterday's Nite Camp in Melaque to our Punta Perula Camp this afternoon. However, it took us several hours to drive here because MsTioga had to pull over numerous times for Jorge to nap.
Jorge on the beach just below our Punta Perula Camp

5PM - Overeating!
Yesterday on the XM Radio there was an interview with a doctor about being overweight in America. There was a lot of stuff in this program about health issues resulting from eating too much. I am not much interested in that kind of stuff.

However, the doctor spoke a great deal about the psychological aspects of eating. And that interests me a lot. I have an eating problem. I eat cookies and potato chips, chocolate; stuff like that, because of the sensations that I get. Here in Mexico is sold the Emperador brand of cookie. I had to go get a package of Emperadors from Mr. Dometic's freezer to know how to spell the name. The package is now sitting on the table calling out to me.

"Eat me, you'll love my crunch!" This Emperador cookie knows me well. I love that crunch and that's why I eat them. When I eat one cookie in a pack, the others are soon history. Once I crunch one cookie, I make short work of the rest.

The doctor claims that past memories are the culprit. When we see a cookie, we want to experience what gave us pleasure before. For me it is cookie crunch. Or potato chip crunch. The doctor explained that if we could voluntarily remember that pleasure [for me that crunch], we could experience the pleasure without eating the cookie.

I am going to try that. I'll, let you know what happens!