Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Morning flight

Morning flight
At 6am this morning we taxi from Hotel Flamingo Vallarta to the airport which is only a few minutes away. At 7am we takeoff for Phoenix, Arizona only 2 hours 36 minutes, 974 miles away. There is no plane change, but there is a 1 hour 14 minute layover. At 9:50am the same plane takes off again and in 2 hours 3 minutes, 646 miles, we land at Oakland, California.

In only 6 hours 53 minutes we will have traveled 1,622 miles from Flamingo Vallarta Hotel to Oakland, California for only $430US plus cab fare [round trip cost]. MsTioga would take weeks to do the same trip and cost sooooo much more! Wow!

The speed, time and low cost of flying blow me away every time!

Following MsTioga with Google Earth
Reader Nick wrote that he follows MsTioga using Google Earth. We tried doing what Nick wrote about this morning and it is really neat!

Just click on the Google Earth link below. When Google Earth comes up and zooms in to our location, leave Google Earth up [don't close the window]. Using the Yesterday/Tomorrow buttons in our blog, go to another of MsTioga's Camps. Then click on the Google Earth Map link again. When you go look at Google Earth, you will find yourself flying from one location to the other.

Really cool, and fun!

Flying is so cheap!
MsTioga gets about 7.5 miles per gallon. At $3.00/gallon for gasoline, the cost to drive MsTioga is 40 cents per mile. However, the cost per mile to fly is only 13.3 cents per mile. Wow! What a huge difference.

8:36AM - Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
We are booked on the same flight all the way to Oakland, California. However, this flight has one stop in Phoenix, Arizona. The layover time for this stop is 1 hour 14 minutes. It is required to de-plane and go thru US Border Protection & Immigration.

Even though we are continuing on the same flight, we must go re-enter US Border Protection the same as a new passenger. This took a long time today. 1 hour 5 minutes to go thru Border Protection exit and re-enter. We got back to the boarding gate after passengers had already began to board the plane!

1:30PM - At Son David's home!
After landing at Oakland Aiport at 11:55am, we took the AirBart shuttle bus to the naerby BART station. Because of the AirBart shuttle bus, this a very convenient way to commute.

On arriving at the BART station in the City of Concord where Son David lives, we took a taxi to David's home.

Everything went sooooo smooth on this airplane trip!