Tuesday, March 09, 2010

MsTioga's electric system

MsTioga's electric system
We would like to describe for you, MsTioga's electric system. Our electric system has some important "built-in" protection. Please take a peek at the pic below, and you will see our Xantrex Jazz 1000 watt inverter [blue color] and a grey box on the right which is our voltage regulator.

The Xantrex Jazz inverter gets its 12 volt DC power from our solar battery bank. All of our 120 volt AC electric equipment is powered from this Jazz inverter. Even when we are hooked up electrically to shore power, we NEVER power our electric equipment from that shore power.

As a result of this electric setup, we never suffer voltage spikes or brownouts from shore power.

The voltage regulator was added to our electric system to insure that our 120 volt AC power is maintained within acceptable voltage tolerance.
Inverter and voltage regulator

Señor Abel
Yesterday afternoon I was sitting under the palm trees near MsTioga reading a book. A man who was walking along the beach waved at me and came close to talk. His name is Abel [pronounced Ah-Bell].

He told me that he recently arrived in San Juan de Alima. Abel is operating a restaurant here to earn a living. He moved his wife, son and daughter from Acapulco, and all together the four of them are running this restaurant.

Abel is renting the restaurant for $20,000 pesos per year [$1,600US]. The rent includes an apartment behind the restaurant. This is a very good price for a restaurant located right on the beach! However, Abel says that perhaps the rent is low because business is terrible.

Abel also told me that by being careful with money, that his family is able to prosper here in San Juan de Alima.

7AM - Restaurant Mar y Tierra
This morning MsTioga pulled out of our Nite Camp and headed toward Abel's restaurant. The restaurant is called, "Mar y Tierra" [Sea & Land]. The restaurant is very easy to spot. It is located right across from a main entrance to the town and, as you may see in the pic below, the restaurant has a nice sign.

I told Abel that I was going to Tecoman this morning and he asked if I would do him a favor and take his wife and daughter with me. So, the three of us took off for Tecoman together!
Abel with his daughter [L] and wife

1PM - Manzanillo
We have returned to the City of Manzanillo and are Camped in the place we like best. Close to the beach and only a couple of blocks from the Soriana Super Store.

It is amazing to share with you that I love Manzanillo as much as I love the beach at Maruata! Yes, Maruata is gorgeous. It's like living on a tropical island. However, Manzanillo has its fantastic things too!

All of the wonderful Manzanillo stores! Autozone, WalMart, Soriana, Señor Sushi. It's easy to fill up MsTioga's fresh water tank here in Manzanillo.