Friday, March 12, 2010


MsTioga's paint job
MsTioga got her paint job in March, 2007 in the City of Constitucion in Baja California, Mexico. DuPont auto paint was used. The DuPont auto paint sold in Mexico is a one-stage paint not available in the United States. There is no fragile clear coat for this paint. When MsTioga's paint cured, it was shiny bright with an extremely hard scratch-resistant finish. [link]

After that paint job, I knew that sometime in the future, MsTioga's new paint would get its first ding. Before the new paint job, MsTioga and I drove forest roads where trees reached out to scratch her paint. Were we going to be timid now while searching for adventure to protect the new paint?

We decided that we would not worry about the new paint, because if we did worry, it would change the way that we live. The new paint proved to be durable beyond our wildest dreams. Even now, three years after MsTioga got her new paint job, the paint is shiny and gorgeous

Here is MsTioga before and after her fantastic paint job pics. Did you know that Jorge designed MsTioga's 3-color paint job himself! Pretty neat, huh?

Benicia, California
February, 2004

West of ConstituciĆ³n, Mexico
March, 2007

10AM - Fixing paint dings
Some time ago we bought fix up paint for MsTioga. Three tiny cans. One can for each color paint. This paint comes pretty think, and must be greatly reduced to use. Small mixing containers are needed to reduce and store the paint.

During today's morning walk, a small bottle of Barilla Pesto Sauce was bought. Just the right size for the paint! So, this morning pasta with pesto sauce is on the menu for breakfast!

4PM - MsTioga in Europe
Reader Pippa emailed from England: "Thought I would write about your blog article [yesterday] on coming to Europe. I really hope that you will be able to come over and hope that you would travel over to England, or at least drive into France and let us meet up, that would be soooo amazing!"

I think a lot about taking MsTioga to foreign countries. And then I think about what I would be giving up by leaving Mexico!
Jorge in Manzanillo on a misty afternoon