Saturday, March 27, 2010


We are having a party!
There is going to be a party! My family is getting together late this afternoon at son David's home. Evie [former wife] and I are doing the food preparation. I'm BBQing ribs. Evie is making Matzo balls! People coming to the party are: Sons David and Joe, Evie, foster kids Pedro, Hector, Kyle and myself!

Staying home
From 9am to 6pm, the kids compete in the boys baseball league. Son David signed-up to be the scorekeeper. I am staying home. Although I could have gone with them to the ballgame and then used David's car during the day, I chose to say home. Because I love it here!

One of the things that I am planning today is to take a long, hot bath. A rare and special treat for me is to soak in a hot bath.

Another thing that I am doing today is work on my annual journey maps. Early this morning I completed the 2007 map. Doing these maps is really fun for me. I get to relive the adventures that I've had! And surprising as it may be to share with you, I really do not recall [before these maps], where I had gone in past years.

5PM - BBQ ribs & chicken
In the pic below you see the ribs & chicken just about the time that they are done!
Ribs & chicken