Saturday, March 13, 2010


3AM - Summer is coming!
Have you been wondering when the warm weather of summer is coming your way? Well, it passed thru Manzanillo, Mexico a few days ago and is heading north fast! It is 3am now, and the thermometer on MsTioga's rear wall reads:
  • Inside temp: 80°F
  • Outside temp: 70°F

9AM - Beach Camp
Yesterday afternoon we found a very nice Beach Camp next to the large, Hotel Marbella. Only a few cars have parked here. So it is pretty tranquil. The hotel has an open WiFi access point. Very convenient. Manzanillo's municipal government built a resting place here, The resting place is painted blue. The government provided a shower for beach goers! Isn't that neat?

We watched the sun go down from this Beach Camp yesterday afternoon and returned this morning before sunrise.
Beach Camp next to Hotel Marbella

9PM - We did lots of things this afternoon
MsTioga is again Nite Camped next to the beach and close to the Soriana Super Store. During the afternoon we:
  • Eliminated the voltage regulator After two years, we found out that we did not need it!
  • Tried changing out the inverter with our backup inverter and were surprised to find that our backup converter did not work!
  • Repaired Mr. Dometic's fridge vent which got hit by a bad tree limb.
  • Touched up some more of MsTioga's paint dings.
We are busy bees!