Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tour MsTioga

A Tour of MsTioga!
It is widely acknowledged that MsTioga is the most famous RV in the history of the World. Of course MsTioga is much too modest to make such a claim. But we who are MsTioga's team members know that it's true!

On October 13, 2007, Little Mavicito made a video tour of MsTioga that you might find interesting!

Going on a hike!
This morning Little Mavicita and I will be taking a hike! We want to explore the bay just north of Maruata. In order to get to this bay, we will follow the path over the hill.

There is a bakery located in this bay that sells fabulous cinnamon rolls and pizza!

6PM - A special day!
Yes! This is a special day. I spent all afternoon in the bakery of Lupita. I made a deal with her to buy a whole batch of her cinnamon buns, 20 of them. I met Sherry and her husband Warren, two special people who have been living here during the winter for many years.

Right after this post, I am heading over to Sherry and Warren's home for supper. MsTioga is camped near the beach behind Lupita's panaderia.

I will return tomorrow, to tell you about all the exciting things that happened today!