Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back MsTioga

Back with MsTioga!
It is a wonderful thing to be home. Back with MsTioga! Yesterday afternoon, the taxi took me to La Peñita RV Resort. We found MsTioga to be a little dirty. Other than that, she is in excellent condition.

Right away Little Mavicita went to take a pic of where MsTioga has been waiting for one month for us to return. As you may see in the pic below, MsTioga is right at the edge of the jungle!
MsTioga's parking place at La Peñita

Note: The story below is what happened yesterday afternoon.

Mr. Dometic working fine
You may recall that when we departed Mexico last month, Mr. Dometic, our hard working refrigerator, was turned off. All of Mr. Dometic's foods were given away or trashed. The first thing that must be done now, is to restock Mr. Dometic so that we may be able to cook once again.

Leaving La Peñita RV Resort, we headed south toward Puerto Vallarta. We are looking for a nice market to do our shopping. The "Mega" store has a very large location in Bucerias, a bit north of Puerto Vallarta and we went to Mega to do our shopping.

Nite Camp and supper
Around 9:30pm yesterday, we finished shopping at the Mega store. MsTioga drove behind Mega, where there appeared to be a nice neighborhood for our Nite Camp.

Below is a pic of the supper that we prepared. A pork chop with fried potatoes. A salad of avocado and tomato. And a French bread biscuit with garlic butter on top. Son David likes to make French bread with garlic, and we got to love it!
Last nite's supper

10AM - Pickup computer bag
Last month when we were about to depart Mexico, Mr. HP decided that he would rather travel inside our flight bag, rather than his computer bag. So, we checked the computer bag into the Flamingo Vallarta Hotel where we stayed the nite.

This morning we pulled out of our Bucerias Nite Camp, drove to Puerto Vallarta and returned to the hotel to claim the bag. We may stay the nite in Puerto Vallarta in order to have time to wash MsTioga.

3PM - Near Malecon camp
After washing MsTioga, we went looking for a propane gas station. These stations are usually easy to find. However, we needed help this time. Some guys parked along the highway gave directions to go straight ahead to the church, then left several blocks.

After filling MsTioga's propane tank, we were thinking about heading south from Puerto Vallarta. Instead we decided to make a camp on a tiny cobble stone street near the malecon of Puerto Vallarta. There is a steep stairway just ahead of our camp that leads to the shops below! MsTioga has never been able to camp this close to the malecon before. Parking here is extremely difficult.
Near malecon Nite Camp

Note: Malecon is a walkway alongside the bay.