Monday, April 26, 2010

Camping in city

Camping in a city
Yesterday we made our Nite Camp right in the center of the City of Colima. Even though we have been doing stuff like this for several years, we still do not take camping in a city for granted. There is no law here in Mexico against sleeping in a vehicle. And nobody bothered us last nite. Just wonderful!

Yesterday being Sunday, the traffic around our Nite Camp was relatively light. Now it is Monday. MsTioga did not want to remain in the center of Colima because she suspected that normal traffic would return this morning.

Using our Garmin Nuvi GPS, we made our way out of Colima heading toward the northeast. This direction takes us in the general direction of where we want to go. We made a Breakfast Camp near a large hospital in the outskirts of Colima.

Double minded
It is a challenge being confident. Yesterday's confrontation with the Craigslist scammer knocked me over. Fortunately, I am an old guy with tons of experience. That experience taught that all things have resolution. All problems get resolved.

Early yesterday I thought that I had found my share rental in Jerusalem. When that share rental evaporated into a scam, I found myself thinking that I would never find a place to stay in Jerusalem. I drifted into being double minded. Uncertain. Worried.

Today I got hold of myself. Do I have doubts? You bet! However, I believe that things will work out. And so, I put doubts from my mind. No good being double minded!

3PM - Volcano of Fire!
As we headed out of the City of Colima, the skyline began to be filled by Volcán de Fuego [Volcano of Fire]. Little Mavicita almost went crazy and took a bunch of pics. Little Mavicita got her good friend MsTioga to go closer to the mysterious volcano.

We went up the hill of the Town of Cuauhtémoc and made our Nite Camp in an empty field with a view of the volcano. Using binoculars we are able to steam coming from volcano's caldera.
Volcano from highway

Volcano of Fire Nite Camp