Tuesday, April 13, 2010


For me, my life continues to be a fascinating adventure. Lately, a surprising adventure. I've been surprised by how great I feel physically. And only because of regular exercise at the Big-C Athletic Club! It is amazing to me that at age 72, my body has responded so well to this exercise.

Although I've always exercised when living in MsTioga, that exercise program apparently has been much too limited. At the Big-C with all of its equipment, I'm easily able to exercise legs, arms, back; my whole body. I find myself looking forward to going to Big-C and don't want to give up this experience.

I am not sure what this means for me. Or what changes will come from this?

A garden
Do you recall when MsTioga and I made our camp next to the lake formed by Presa Cajon de Peña [link]? That was back a couple months ago in February, 2010. Close by that camp is a small group of homes occupied by families of the fishing cooperative that works the lake.

Some of these homes have gardens. Once I was watching a man messing around in his garden. I found myself wanting to have a garden myself. And since that time, my mind has often turned to gardening. To having my own garden.