Thursday, April 29, 2010


Colder up here
Since we left the Pacific Coast, the temperature has gotten colder. We are traveling in the mountain range called Sierra Madre del Sur. Our present elevation is 3,723 feet according to our Garmin Nuvi GPS. This morning it is 50°F outside and 61°F inside MsTioga. I've been running the forced air heater a bit to take the chill off.

It is now a little after 8am, and the Sun just rose high enough to stream its light thru MsTioga's windows. The sky is soooooo blue! It is a gorgeous day!

DeLorme GPS map
Each evening using Mr. DeLorme, our GPS map, we mark our Nite Camp location with a little red flag . We get a kick out of looking those little red flags because they show our progress. Our present journey going east began in Manzanillo on April 24th. Now it is April 29th. The DeLorme map shows we have traveled 109 miles so far this journey.

109 miles may not seem like very much. But to us on The TiogaRV Team, it is a spectacular. We love that we only move a little bit and enjoy where we are so very much. Because everywhere we are, everywhere we camp, is home!

12 Noon - Mountain Camp
During our morning journey, MsTioga kept climbing higher and higher. By late morning, we were driving thru a gorgeous pine tree forest! Mexico's forests rarely have logging roads as are often found in the USA. So, when we came to a nice wide pullout we immediately recognized the value of this place. We pulled off and made a Mountain Camp!

Everybody on the TiogaRV Team loves forests. We love the sound of the breeze flowing thru the trees. We love the look of the branches, gently swaying. And oh my, the fragrance of pine needles!
MsTioga in the forest
6,225' elevation

5PM - Town of Mazamitla
In Mexico, we prefer to Nite Camp in populated areas. So, we moved out of the forest and have made our Nite Camp in the Town of Mazamitla. There is still forest all around us. Not pine trees though. Mr. DeLorme was surprised to learn that we are now at 7,015' elevation!