Friday, April 30, 2010

Electronic miracles

Electronic miracles
Yesterday evening my Son Joseph was hiking in the Santa Cruz mountains in California. Joseph came upon Spring Box, a small concrete pool with a bunch of gold fish swimming. Joseph wanted to share this happy moment with me, his Dad. Taking a pic of the swimming fish with his iPhone, Joseph then sent an email to me in Mexico with the fish pic attached.

A few minutes later I received that email. When I looked at the little fishees swimming in Spring Box and read the email, I understood the feelings of happiness that Joseph was experiencing. Using Skype, I phoned Joseph's iPhone and we had a wonderful conversation.

It is soooooo easy to take for granted these electronic miracles which have enhanced our lives so very much. When I was a little boy in the 1940s and read in the Sunday Comics about Dick Tracy and his 2-Way Wrist Radio, how could I have known that one day there would actually be such miracle devices?

Instant communication over the entire World! Man-O-Man!
Spring Box

2PM - Zamora, Michoacan
We drove 63 miles today. All the way from the Town of Mazamitla to the City of Zamora. On the way MsTioga crossed the state border of Jalisco and entered the State of Michoacan. As you may have suspected, it gives me a kick to write to you about small daily distances as if they are several hundred miles. Hmmmmm?

I was really happy to come across a Soriana Super Store because the supply of juice is running very low. The tiny grocery stores that are in nearly all of Mexico's little towns do not have good quality juice. Just look-like juice with lots of sugar.

After shopping we went over to a nearby AutoZone store and bought a couple of clearance lights. You may recall that a lens of one of MsTioga's rear clearance lights got knocked off a few days ago. Little accidents like this don't even bother me much anymore. In time, everything gets dinged. Why get upset?

We made a Nite Camp in a residential neighborhood close to the Soriana Store. This is a low-traffic street, quiet for napping and sleeping.