Saturday, April 03, 2010

Heading for Santa Cruz

Heading for Santa Cruz!
This morning we are heading out from the City of Concord and going to Santa Cruz, California. That is where Son Joe lives. And we are going to spend the weekend with Joe.

We went to Enterprise Rent-A-Car to get a car for this trip. Something strange happened there. When the rental car was brought out, I noticed that the gas gauge showed only 1/4 full. In the past, rental cars always came with a full tank.

I questioned the rental people about that. They advised to return the car with only 1/4 gas tank. "How do I do that?", I asked. It's easy to fill the tank all the way up, but to return the car with only a 1/4 tank is not easy at all. How do I know how much gas is needed for this trip? Should I drive with only a little gas in the tank?

When I return this car, any gas in the tank over 1/4 full belongs to Enterprise Rent-A-Car. No credit is given for over 1/4. If I return the car with less than 1/4, Enterprise Rent-A-Car charges $4.59/gallon to fill to 1/4. Hmmmmm?

12 Noon - Messing with computers
Since Joe is a computer engineer, and I am an internet addict, we are both messing with my iPod and Joe's iPhone. We updated my iPod to the latest operating system. Then we download Skype.

Now, we are talking to each other across his living room using Skype!
Joe & George in Santa Cruz

2:30PM - Enterprise Rent-A-Car replies!
Guess what happened? An email arrived from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Here is a copy of that email.

Dear Tioga and George,

I apologize that you were not rented a vehicle with a full tank of gas. I realize that this can be quite inconvenient. I would be happy to address this with the location for you. Please respond with your reservation number, or the location, date and name under which you rented so that I can locate your rental information.

Heidi Fisher
Customer Service Associate
Special Services Department
Enterprise Holdings EAN Services
8421 St. John Industrial Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63114