Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello Mexico

Hello Mexico!
Our US Airways flight takes off at 9:15am. Five hours 39 minutes and 1,620 miles later, we land at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Wow!

I do not understand why I get soooooo excited about flying. I've certainly done enough flying to be used to it by now. There is something that gets me about going to the airport, checking-in, watching the airplanes coming and going. Just really neat!

11:30AM - Phoenix
This blog post is coming from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. The flight from Oakland went great. Smooth!

I'm already checked in for the flight to Puerto Vallarta. Boarding in about five minutes. Arrival Puerto Vallarta, 4:54pm.

5PM - Puerto Vallarta
The airplane landed at Puerto Vallarta a few minutes early. A very good flight. My checked luggage arrived in excellent condition. Next thing is to go thru Mexican customs, which they call Aduana.

I've been thru Aduana several times. It has been my experience that it is not necessary to provide proof of the value of items brought into Mexico. I declare the value, then there is some bargaining. I've found the cost of Aduana to be pretty low. My value declaration was $450US. After the $300US free amount was deducted, only $150US remained. 16% tax meant I paid $24US Aduana.

5:30PM Taxi to La PeƱita
Across the highway from the airport are taxis for hire. I never use the many taxis waiting at the airport because they will not bargain for fare. They offer prices in dollars instead of pesos, and these prices are always too high.

When the taxi drove up to MsTioga, she was found to be in excellent condition. MsTioga's starting battery was re-connected, and we headed back to Puetro Vallarta.