Monday, April 05, 2010

Jerusalem apartment

Affording foreign travel
Some readers want to know how it is possible to afford to live in Jerusalem on my small budget? The answer is low rent! I find share rentals that only cost about $500US/month.

CraigsList is used to search for rooms [link]. In Israel the shekel is the monetary unit. Right now one shekel = .27 dollars. So a room that rents for 1000 shekels would cost $270US. If you click on that link, you may see that most rooms fit my budget!

I look for share rentals where I am the only other renter [only one room mate]. It seems like less room mates mean a more tranquil apartment.

Note: Craigslist rentals may be found for many of the World's cities. Here is Craiglist for Paris, France [link].