Friday, April 16, 2010

Joe Concord

Son Joe coming to Concord!
Today my Son Joe is coming to Concord. Joe will stay overnite here. It's a wonderful thing for me to spend time with my sons!

Updating iPod
My iPod was purchased in March, 2009. It is a Model 2g iPod Touch. Since then, Apple has come out with a Model 3g iPod Touch. Today I'm taking my iPod Touch to the Apple store in nearby Walnut Creek. If it is possible to update my iPod from 2g to 3g, perhaps the people at the Apple store will help me do it?

Also, I need some help doing editing stuff with my iPod Touch. Do you remember a few days ago when I made my first blog post using the iPod? I could not get the title of that post to be blue as the words "Updating iPod" are above. Perhaps the Apple people will help me with that?

NOTE: Apple support informed me that the 2g and 3g iPods work almost exactly the same. So, I am going to the Apple store only to get support on how to use my iPod.

Packing stuff for Mexico
You may recall that I've bought a lot of stuff while here in California. Pure sine wave 1000 watt inverter, backup HughesNet modem, XM radio external antenna, a new XM Radio. Next week, all of this stuff is returning with me to Mexico.

This afternoon, I'm going to wrap up all this stuff in a cardboard box. This box will fly back to Mexico with me as checked baggage.