Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jury duty 2

Jury duty, day #2
This morning I report for a second day of jury duty. Even though my desire is to serve as a juror, I am not an ideal candidate. In addition to not being available because of living away from California, there are physical things too. I have BPH [link] which causes me to use the toilet often. Also, as you may know from reading my blog, I have a tendency to fall asleep during the day requiring me to nap. These physical things did not occur to me until just this morning when I was going over jury duty in my mind.

Reader Diugo wondered why my jury duty was not scheduled early in my California trip. This decision was made on advice by the jury staff at the court house. The jury staff advised that my service would likely be only one or two days.

Blogging with iPod Touch
Reader Shimon, my friend in Jerusalem, wondered about using my iPod Touch to make blog posts. Because an iPod Touch is so small, it may not be perceived as being a complete computer. But it is!

The iPod has a touch-screen keyboard for making posts, composing email, etc. It takes getting used to the small size of the screen to do the various things done easily on a regular computer. But it is all doable!

12 Noon - Did not make the cut
I've completed my jury service. Did not make the cut to serve on this jury. Apparently my views about independent thinking by jurors did not agree with the judge.

In retrospect, because I really did want to serve on this jury, perhaps I should not have been so candid during "voir dire" [link] by the judge. On the other hand, not being open to questions by the judge would be dishonest. A classic dilemma!