Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jury duty

Jury duty!
Today I go for jury duty. I've gone several times for jury duty. However, I've never been actually picked to serve on a jury.

The jury process is something I believe in very strongly. That is why I am serving instead of asking to be excused because I live in Mexico. In our Bill of Rights, the Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees that "...the right of trial by jury shall be preserved." By going for jury duty today, I'm carrying on this right as written so long ago when our nation was founded.

I'll be driving with son David to the BART station, then heading to the City of Martinez where the Superior Court of California is located here in Contra Costa County. I'm scheduled to report at 8:30am. This means finding a place to park near the court, walking to the court house and passing thru the security check in order to arrive on time for jury duty. Wow!

iPod Touch has movies!
My little iPod Touch is going with me to jury duty. As you may know, there is a lot of waiting around while doing jury duty. My iPod has a bunch of movies to watch!

9AM - First iPod post
I am in the jury room. This post is my very first using only my iPod. It is much more difficult than with a computer.

I cannot highlight the title of this post to make it blue.

PS: 6pm - I am home now and have made the title of this post blue with Mr. HP.

6PM - Should people who fulltime in Mexico serve on a California jury?
Because I have a California driver's license and am registered to vote in California, I'm included in the jury pool. However, I am fulltiming in Mexico. Even if I return to the USA to do RVing, I spend very little time in California. Mostly I RV in other western states.

Potential jurors who have a lifestyle like mine, fall thru the cracks as far as the California judicial system is concerned. Apparently there are no reasons for excusing a person like me from jury duty.

The first jury that I was assigned to was for a murder trial. The judge explained that this trial would likely conclude during mid-May. As much as I would love to serve on this jury, this is not possible. This coming Wednesday I will be back in Mexico. After explaining this dilemma to the judge, I was returned to the jury room supposedly to be assigned to a short-duration trial.

Around 4pm, I was assigned to a trial for domestic violence. This judge told me that this trial would likely end this coming Tuesday. If they want me to serve on this jury, I would be happy to do it. Hopefully I will not be winging my way to Mexico before the end of this trial.

At 9am tomorrow morning, I will be returning to this domestic violence trial.