Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last day Concord

Last day in Concord
It is 1am and I'm awake with my mind going over details of my return trip to Mexico. It's always like this for me at the beginning of an airplane trip. So, here I am posting to you instead of being upstairs sleeping.

Later this morning, I drive with Son David to the BART station. On the way we drop off the kids at school. Then using David's car, I'll go for my last time to the Big-C Athletic Club. During the afternoon while back at David's home, I'll wash all my clothes and pack up for the trip.

David returns home at the Concord BART station after 5pm. We will say our goodbyes there at the station. I then take the BART train to Oakland where I will stay over nite at the "Inn at Jack London Square". I'm staying at this hotel in order to be close to the Oakland Airport where my flight back to Mexico departs at 9:15am, Wednesday.

Mixed emotions
Departures are always filled with mixed emotions. Is that how it is for you? On the one hand I am pulled back into the good times that I am now leaving. At the same time I am heading into a new adventure.

However, quickly that mix usually fades away as we move into the moment of time that now carries us into a new journey. Who knows what adventures we may find along the way?

6PM - At hotel in Oakland
The weather is predicted rainy. We were lucky. During the eight block walk from BART to the Inn at Jack London Square, no rain! It is cool though. Because I was hauling the flight bag and all my purchased stuff, I kept pretty warm with the effort. My purchased stuff is enclosed in a cardboard box which moves easily on a small hand truck.

I've just arranged for a shuttle to the Oakland Airport at 7am tomorrow morning.