Saturday, April 10, 2010

Little League

Little League
I have almost no experience with Little League baseball. So, last week when Son David asked if I would accompany one of his foster kids to Little League today [Saturday], I volunteered. However, yesterday afternoon I went with David and his two foster kids to baseball practice. It was at this practice that I learned that Little League for very young players, is a trial of patience. At least that is how it is for me.

This morning David told me that another Little League parent will do the driving. I am off the hook. I get to stay home. And, I am soooooo glad about that!

Cookie Report
Do you recall several weeks ago I decided to go off eating cookies? I wanted my waistline to get smaller. My pants were fitting too tight! I guessed back then that cookies were the culprit. But maybe not!

Lately I have taken to eating cookies again. Not compulsively. Just a few. And I am fitting into my pants much better now. It must be going to Big-C Athletic Club every week day that is doing it for me.

Yesterday evening I took a bath. In getting out of the bathtub, I stood up without pushing off with my hands. My legs have gotten stronger! The exercise that I'm doing at Big-C is really good for me!