Saturday, April 24, 2010

No water

No water!
This morning on using a water faucet, no water came out. The usual sound of the fresh water pump was gone! What could have gone wrong? The water came out yesterday evening!

As you may know from doing your own maintenance, there is a procedure for checking stuff like this. First thing is the fuse which is clearly marked inside MsTioga's electric panel. The fuse looked good, but checking the fuse for continuity would not hurt. The fuse was definitely good.

Next thing to check was 12 volts DC to the water pump. Last time that I replaced this pump I'd put crimp connectors on the pump leads. So these leads had to be cut and stripped. Using the volt meter found that there was definitely 12 volts DC going to the pump.

The water pump appears to be bad. Wow! I just returned from California with a backup fresh water pump. And now the old water pump went bad? What are the odds!
New fresh water pump

Returned new glasses
I've just returned my new glasses to the Devlyn Opitcal store. The bifocal lenses focused for reading at only 10" from my face. Much too close! I am paying to change over to blended lenses.

However, the replacement glasses will not be ready until Monday, May 3rd. So, Devlyn is shipping the replacements to their store in the City of Queretaro for me to pick up. Queretaro is close to my destination of Tequisquiapan.

2PM - On the beach
We have made an Afternoon Camp just off the beach. The WalMart is behind this camp. It is a gorgeous day! A steady breeze comes in from the bay. Everything is perfect about this camp!
Manzanillo on the beach

9PM - Date nite!
Friday and Saturday are date nites in Mexico. Date nites here are different than what I remember them to be back in the 1950s!

MsTioga is camped in the center of a large empty field between two hotels. Alongside one hotel the young people gather. Many of the parked cars have doors open so that the radio speakers may play music. There is a lot of laughter and shouting. When I walk thru the young people, I am offered beer.

I parked in the center of this field because we are away from the partying. Here in the center of the field, the music is muffled because of the distance. For some unknown reason, all of the cars are grouped together. Nobody comes out to where MsTioga is camped.

It is our experience that this partying will go on way past midnite. Maybe past 2am!

Note: If you click on the Google Map link, you may see where our Nite Camp is located.