Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Putting down roots
It is not clear what it is about a place that gets me to thinking about putting down roots. Places that have brought the 'roots thought' to mind are not similar. Do you recall Santa Rosalia in Baja California where I actually put down roots for a few winters? Also, remember last February we made camp at the lovely lake of Presa Cajon de Peña? [link].

Yesterday evening while sitting in MsTioga and looking out at the view of the volcano, the road going further up the hill got me to thinking about roots. There must be fabulous views from up there. Not only of the volcano, but from that height, the view to the south and west might be spectacular!

Perhaps this morning, Little Mavicita might like to take a hike with me on that road that goes up the hill?

11AM - Home from the hill
Little Mavicita and I have just returned from going up the hill. On the way we walked thru what looks to be planned as a fancy neighborhood which may have fallen on hard times. The neighborhood was laid out with cobblestone roads and light poles. There is an entrance gate, with a guard house. Only a few homes, standing empty. A concrete sidewalk goes up the hill!

We found a water tank which supplies the Town of Cuauhtémoc. From the concrete top of this tank, Little Mavicita captured the pics below.
Pano view from the tank
Do you see MsTioga a little right of center?

MsTioga waiting for us to return

Volcano from hill top

3PM - Moved Camp up the hill
We have moved our Camp to a place with a great view! MsTioga is in the neighborhood with few homes that we told you about before. The marine haze from earlier has lifted.

The pic below is a giant pano. When you click a 2nd time on it, the pic should open up really big requiring scrolling to see the whole thing!
Looking across the valley from our Cuauhtémoc Hill Camp