Wednesday, April 07, 2010

RVing Israel

RVing in Israel!
You may recall from my 2008 trip to Israel that I tried to rent an RV. In 2008, a rental RV could not be found! It seems that Israelis are just not into RVs. For the past few weeks I've tried again to locate an RV to rent in Israel. Again nothing!

It is my feeling that living a mobile life during my upcoming visit to Israel is essential. That is why that I am considering renting an ordinary van for my mobile home if an RV cannot be found! I've emailed all of the car rental companies in Israel. No car rental company in Israel even rents a van without seats. Wow!

Just yesterday in email communication with my Israeli friend Shimon, he offered to do a search for an RV or a van that would work for me. Shimon might have a better chance because he speaks Hebrew!

Using a van for an RV is a bit of a stretch. Two vital things must be added to such an RV/van setup. A mattress and a port-a-potty.