Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Thinking of Shimon!
You may find this post a bit hard to believe. Early this morning around 2am, I was unable to sleep. My mind had turned to the upcoming trip to Jerusalem. I walked around my bedroom thinking, and my feet got cold. So, I decided to go take a hot bath to think about things and warm up. While in the hot bath, I thought about my friend Shimon, the Israeli who lives in Jerusalem. I wondered what we would do together in Israel?

Now it is 7am, and going to read my email I found a message from Shimon. It seems that just about the time that I began thinking about my trip to Jerusalem this morning, Shimon was thinking about me. And Shimon made a blog post about his thinking. I've heard about such coincidences before. But this one is really something else!

Would you like to read Shimon's blog about me? [link]