Friday, April 02, 2010


Tomlinson Family update
Do you remember the Tomlinson family? We met them in Aticama last January [link]. This is a family of three on a bicycle journey traveling from the Arctic to Argentina.

An email was received from Ingrid Tomlinson which contained a diary entry from her daughter Kate. We took time this morning to transfer the story from this email to the internet for you to read about this delightful family [link].

The World has changed and I remain the same!
Some things happened today which brought into focus how different things are now. I still have one foot stuck in the past.

1. I'd bought a couple of gifts for Son Joe and wanted them gift wrapped. Going to the Macy's store I asked a clerk where the gift wrap department was located. "Oh, they closed gift wrap. You can buy gift bags and tissue at the Hallmark store". I walked to Hallmark and looked at the glitzy bags. No! Uh uh. I don't think so.

2. Near Macy's is an Orange Julius stand. I love Orange Julius, and ordered a small size. $3.75! I asked the young lady clerk if customers ever remarked about the price? "Yes, they do! But we hardly have any business so they decided to raise prices". Hmmm?

3. Yesterday Son David advised to leave his car on "Auto" for lights and the windshield wiper. Seems that the car automatically turns lights on/off by itself. No need to turn the lights on and off manually anymore. I knew about automatic lights. Seems like a Cadillac that I drove in the 1970s had that feature. But automatic windshield wipers? How does it know to go on and off?

Lunch at El Grullense
Whenever I drive thru Stockton, California, usually a stop at one of the El Grullense taco trucks is a must. It's the El Grullense burritos that I love! Now there is an El Grullense Restaurant at the north end of Pleasant Hill. Same family runs this place. Of course I had to stop their for lunch!

Have you ever watched our El Grullense video? Hmmmm?