Friday, April 09, 2010


Don't they rent trucks in Israel?
If you have been following my efforts to RV in Israel, you know that even a van or truck would be OK for me instead of an RV. I've accepted that there are no RVs to rent in Israel. But how about an ordinary van or truck? Don't they rent trucks in Israel?

So far, the answer to this question is, "No!"

My Israeli friend Shimon and his wife Noga are looking for a truck or van that would work for me. Soon I expect that they will be emailing with good news!

Note: Shimon publishes a really neat blog [link].

9AM - Big-C Athletic Club
I'm preparing this blog post from the restaurant at the Big-C Athletic Club. Every weekday morning I go to Big-C to exercise. Usually I make my blog post from Son David's home. But this morning I slept late.

Yesterday after Big-C, my friend Paul Gouveia and I went out for lunch at Giant Chef Burger in nearby Pleasant Hill. What a good time!

For some reason, this simple daily routine gives me soooooo much pleasure!
At Giant Chef with Paul

12 Noon - Evie's for lunch
I decided to go to Evie's Hamburgers for lunch. This is a burger joint that I founded in 1980! It's a kick that this place is still going 30 years later. After I sold Evie's in 1989, two families ran it and supported themselves from the restaurant.

Business looked pretty good. Almost all the tables were filled with customers. I ordered a burger, fries and drink. Sitting at a table eating and watching the goings on, I enjoyed the memories.
George at Evie's Hamburgers in Walnut Creek