Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Being an RVing vagabond is wonderful. It's so exciting! For me, being a vagabond means waking up excited about the day. In yesterday's blog post I wondered about putting down roots. Yet, that very afternoon MsTioga and I moved our Nite Camp up the hill. Just to get a better view! And that tiny move, less than a mile, was a good time for us.

Right now it is dawn. I am sitting at our dining table typing this post. Looking left thru the window is the view of the orange sky of sunrise. Thru the right window we look down on the Town of Cuauhtémoc. The range of mountains in the distance beyond the town is faint, almost invisible in the early morning light. It is very quiet except for a sugar cane truck that now and then passes on the road to our right carrying cane from the farms behind us.

Yesterday we wrote about putting down roots. Would we ever really consider putting down roots? Well, maybe. Someday. But not to-day!
Steam coming from the volcano
Pic captured yesterday by Little Mavicita

4PM - Industrial Town of Tamazula
After heading out of the Town of Cuauhtémoc, we took the free road northeast. This road led us up into the mountains and then down into valleys. Several times we went up and down like this at an elevation over 3,000 feet.

We arrived at the Town of Atenquique and made a gorgeous Nite Camp there in a park with lots of trees and a playground. However, after setting up in the park, a security guard drove up telling that this is private property. Apparently a large paper mill owns much of the town. We may not stay the nite here. So, we headed out for the next town.

On the map the next town is Tuxpan. Somehow we missed the entrance road to Tuxpan and were not able to turn around because the road was not wide. We continued to Tamazula which is an industrial town dominated by a very large sugar mill. After looking all over this town, we could not find a peaceful place to make our camp! MsTioga is parked on a street near the sugar mill. We are hoping that this places mellows out tonite for sleeping.

Looking for a new clearance light
Somehow the lens of one of MsTioga's rear clearance lights got knocked off today. I do not even know how or when this happened! This is not one of those fixtures for which a replacement lens may easily be found. A new clearance light must be purchased.

I'd bought two matching clearance lights after MsTioga's paint job in 2007 and painted the body of the fixture to match the surrounding paint.

6PM - Moved!
Too many large trucks and traffic near the sugar mill. We broke our camp and drove all thru the center of town. Found no good place to park. We reversed direction, returned to the highway and went to the east side of Tamazula. We spotted a residential neighborhood and are now camped there. Wow!