Sunday, April 25, 2010

XM Radio antenna

XM Radio antenna
Our new XM Radio antenna is now installed! And this antenna is working great. We are getting the maximum "3 bars" strength! The cable goes from the antenna down thru MsTioga's forward vent.

The "Terk XM4 Antenna" was purchased online from Satellite Radio Superstore [link].
XM antenna

Jerusalem rental scam?
As you may know, I've been using CraigsList-Jerusalem to find a share rental for my stay in Israel. I thought that I had found one in a very nice neighborhood in the center of the city. Several emails went back and forth between myself and Jacob Hughes, the person offering me the share rental. However, after I filled out a Renter's Agreement and emailed it to Jacob, I became suspicious. Why would a share rental need sooooooo much information? Have I been too gullible? Too trusting?

Jacob became very insistent that I Western Union him a $450US deposit, using words like "ASAP" to urge me along. That was when a balked and asked Jacob to phone my Jerusalem friend Shimon.

It has been over two hours since I asked Jacob to phone Shimon in Jerusalem. So far, no phone call. I am wondering now if this was a scam to steal identity and obtain cash?

PS: As a result of this experience, this afternoon I purchased identity theft insurance.

5PM - City of Colima
Early this afternoon, MsTioga and The Team headed out from the lovely City of Manzanillo. We want to make our Nite Camp in the City of Colima. Nobody on The Team is able to recall ever being in Colima before.

Along the way we passed many trees that were blossoming flowers of gold. Little Mavicita took several pics of these trees, one of which is below for you to enjoy!

When we reached the Colima, we found a very large and modern city. MsTioga made her Nite Camp near what appears to be downtown, next to a nice park.
A tree with blossoms of gold