Sunday, May 30, 2010

Old City

9AM - A day in the Old City
This is going to be a day spent in the Old City of Jerusalem. We will travel to the Old City by Egged Bus. Most of the buses travel along Jaffa Road and lead us to the Jaffa Gate. However, we may enter at the Damascus Gate. Depends on which Egged Bus we catch.

We do not feel like tourists in Jerusalem. Because this trip is for two months, we may take our time. There is no rush. And this is the way we like to travel while searching for adventure. Slowly. Letting the feeling of a place flow into us

Central Bus Station
On the way to the Old City, we stopped at Egged's Central Bus Station to get a list of Jerusalem's bus routes. While in the bus station, Little Mavicita captured a scene of soldiers. In sharing with you our trip to Jerusalem, we would be remiss if we did not let you know that everywhere in Israel there are scenes like this one with soldiers.

These soldiers are here in order to insure that there is peace inside Israel. This is an enforced peace. But it is peace. A peace much better than any alternative for the Jewish people who live here.
Soldiers in the bus station

Tower of David
The Egged Bus takes us close to the Jaffa Gate. The first thing that we see on leaving the bus is the Tower of David! This is not the original tower built by King David. This tower was built several hundred years later to reinforce a weak point in the city's defenses.
Tower of David
From the bus stop

The Western Wall
Long ago the place where the Western Wall stands was called Mount Moriah. Abraham came here to sacrifice his son Isaac. Jacob slept here, dreaming of a ladder to heaven. Salomon built the Temple here on land which his father King David bought from Aravnah, the Jebusite, 3,000 years ago.

Jewish history tells that the Western Wall was built by King David. The wall we see today in the pic below, was built on his foundations. Thus the base of the Western Wall dates from the time of the First Temple built 2,967 years ago. For centuries Jews scattered all over the World have prayed to be Next year in Jerusalem. Next year at the Western Wall.

Today I went myself to the Western Wall and prayed. And I wrote my prayer on a note and placed this note in the cracks of the wall. My prayer now resides there in the wall with the millions of other prayers placed by Jews over the ages.
Western Wall