Sunday, May 02, 2010

Aims inverter bad

Aims inverter bad!
Our Aims Pure Sine Wave Inverter that was installed on April 23rd went bad [link]. Several days after installation, the inverter began to malfunction. There would be only a few volts delivered and that voltage would oscillate on and off.

This malfunction was reported to Aims tech support via email. After several emails back and forth about what was happening, tech support determined that our new Aims inverter was indeed bad. We were instructed to contact Aims return department to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization.

So, our old Xantrex Modified Sine Wave Inverter replaced the defective Aims inverter. Now from the depths of Mexico, we must return the Aims to the factory!

Mr. Sunny's solar electric system [link]

DHL - Guanajuato
Going online, we made a Google search for the shipping company DHL here in Mexico. It has been our experience that DHL is very strong in Mexico.

DHL's website has a fabulous search routine for finding their locations! An interactive map of Mexico shows which states have DHL stores. We found a store in the City of Guanajuato! MsTioga and The Team are heading toward Guanajuato and plan to ship the defective Aims inverter from there.

Isn't the internet a wonderful thing?

Note: Montana-Louie posted in ShoutBox that DHL does not operate in the USA anymore. We have located a Mail Boxes, etc store in the State of Queretaro to ship the inverter via United Parcel Service.

5PM - Magic City of Guanajuato!
We almost made a Nite Camp in the north part of the City of Irapuato. Then we saw how very close we were to the City of Guanajuato. Fabulous and magic City of Guanajuato!
Can you guess where we are?

Guanajuato Nite Camp